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Chambers Oceanics manufacture a range of high quality commercail diving equipment, all of our products are HSE approved and are suitable for inshore and offshore use.



Chambers Oceanics 2 Diver HP/LP Air Panel

  • Pelicase/Wall mounted
  • Aluminium facia
  • 6 Supply Inlets (2x LP/4x HP)
  • LP air supply max inlet working Pressure: 21 Bar
  • HP air supply max inlet working pressure: 300 bar
  • Diver air crossover valve
  • Dimensions: - Depth gauges: 150mm dia (range 0-70 metres/0-230 feet)
  • Panel pressure gauges: 63mm dia



Chambers Oceanics 2 Diver Radio

  • Rechargeble
  • Portable (Pelicase)
  • Comes with charger and headset with boom microphone
  • Dimensions: 280x250x130mm



Chambers Oceanics Communications Set

  • Gold hard wire pins
  • Waterproof microphone
  • Powered microphone version available



Depth Gauges

  • Depth ranges to customer's requirements
  • Clients name and logo can be added to gauge facia
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