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'Hyperbaric Lifeboats'


Hyperbaric lifeboats are specialised diving chambers able to retrieve divers or occupants of diving chambers or underwater habitants in an emergency and to keep them in the required decompression phase. They have airlocks for underwater entry or to form a watertight seal with hatches on the target structure to effect a dry transfer of personanel. Rescuing occupants of submaersibles with internal air pressure of one atmosphere requires being able to with stand the huge pressure differential to effect a dry transfer, and has the advantage of not requiring decompression meassures on returning to the surface.

We currently have Hallin Marine's HRF available for purchasing, please click on the following link for full details and specifications.

HRF (Hyperbaric Reception Facility) 15 Man (ABS Classed)

Please contact us to arrange viewings of the above system.

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